How to Order

Hello artsy people, you want to order? We have an easy peasy squeezy way for you. Yes, just 5 simple steps to improve your artsy style!

1. Click ALL DESIGNS on the above selection, choose the theme, the product, and the size that you desired.

2. Shortly, you'll be transfered to your cart. Choose CONTINUE SHOPPING or CHECKOUT.
3. Please register your account so your information will be automatically recorded for the next purchase. For return customer, simply click LOG IN.
4. Transfer your order within 2 x 24 hours then c
onfirm your payment by inserting the ORDER ID and/or insert the receipt file.
5. After we receive your confirmation, we will send you the tracking number via email within 1 x 24 hour.

Do not forget upload your artsy scarf in social media and let the world adores you! Use hashtag #artsylifestyle because you deserve it!