Hi Artists & Illustrators!

If you are artist or illustrator (digital one is more preferable) based in Indonesia, we highly encourage you to submit your artworks/portfolio to our e-mail, our team will review it and may offer you an affiliation to be part of our Art Community and involve you in our next collection.

The benefits you will get:
  1. Get your artworks recognized by local and international audiences. For your information, our coverage area including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Indonesia.
  2. Your profile will be promoted in our website, Instagram, and Facebook page.
  3. Selected artworks will be involved in our next collection and get a decent payment.
Below are the artists/illustrators that have been involved in our previous collections:

 Katherine Karnadi Lidia PuspitaAditya PratamaClaudia Clara Rachel Ajeng Reza Dwi Setyawan Riska Nur Putri Puti Karina

We are waiting for you to get on board!