Customized Design

If you feel like having your own design and want it to be printed into scarf like one does, we will happily help you out. And one you should know that we have several terms below:
  1. Send your request via email.
  2. The resolution of your design should be at least 300 pixels.
  3. You can choose between 60cm x 60cm or 115cm x 115cm for the size.
  4. We are not responsible for copyright of your design.
  5. The design must not contain any pornography, disturbing picture, and any negative content related to racism. Please note that if your order doesn’t meet our requirement, we will confirm you, so you can arrange it.
  6. Freely tell us if you need help us to edit your design.
This special service is fruitful for:
  1. Corporate, if you want to give special gift or reward for your loyal customers to maintain engagement activities. We can give discount for bulk order (minimum 20 pieces).
  2. Personal gift, if you want to get a special design for your own or to give it to somebody in special occasion such as birthday, anniversary, graduation, farewell, and etc.
  3. Wedding souvenir, if you want to give unique and customized scarves (the brides' names will be printed on scarf and you can request the design as well) for your wedding guests (minimum 50 pieces). You can place your order through Weddingku website.
We are eager to hear your request soon!