Puti Karina Puar


Puti Karina

Puti Karina Puar is a woman with amazing double life, both as illustrator and geologist. As an illustrator, her cute and childish doodle style is authentic and can raise a happy vibe. She loves to travel around and that is why we collaborated with her to craft together The Wanderer Girl in Golden Fish Orange color palette (according to Pantone).  

She is “actually” a geologist who works in normal working hours from 7 AM to 5 PM. After that, she is able to make some doodle stuffs, build her own art merchandise under the name “Fat Bunny byPuty”, and keep her blog updated. For her, there is no difficulty to live double life, but sometimes she is sad for she must prioritize something over the other (while she loves both at them utmost).

Several collaborations have been done, such as creating illustrated books (one of her project was for “365 of Happiness” book published by Bentang Pustaka), doing online shop and culinary business branding, and creating illustrated greetings card for children with Hlbr Design in UAE. She was quite unexpected that the language they would actually use was Arabic and they opened the cards from right to left.  Her hobbies in spare time are watching romantic comedy or reading comics. To get a fresh from the oven inspiration, she always saves time to visit local gallery, museum, pop up market, or art exhibition every time she travels. In addition, browsing and following some artists account in Instagram is a must to enlighten her mind.

 In her opinion, Strat From The Bottom is a good brand and movement to elevate the art spirit so people can know that art is not only belong to artists but for everyone. She hopes there will be more Indonesian artists to acknowledge by wider audiences. “Dear my artist fellow, don’t give up and keep your spirit burning if your art gets no enough appreciation though you had journey a tough process to make it. Hope in the future, society will get more engaged with artists and illustrators so sooner they will get educated about the art itself and the process to create ones” .

Visit her page: instagram.com/byputy
© Originally stated by Puti via SFTB's interview